Tikal Ruins, Belize

Tikal  Ruins

Discover the heart of the Maya World, just a 2 hour drive from Belize’s western border. Covered in thick jungle and discovered in the 1900’s, Tikal represents one of the most fascinating Mayan archaeological sites of the Mundo Maya. It was considered one of largest and most powerful cities of the Classic Period, until it was suddenly abandoned over 1000 years ago and the jungle outgrew the massive temples and structures there. It is still a mystery as to why the population suddenly disappeared and ceased to exist. Central to the site is the Great Plaza bounded by the North Acropolis, with the Central Acropolis to the north and south and Temple I and Temple II to the east and west. You will receive a more in-depth explanation of these temples when on the tour. 

Ancient Ruins

You can only get a sense of this once massive Mayan dynasty after a breathtaking climb to the top of Temple IV and view for your self the extended sites of the surrounding structures protruding through the jungle canopy. In this mystical world of the Maya you may also encounter the other inhabitants of the area, such as the howler and spider monkeys who play in the trees surrounding the temples, or listen to the over 410 species of birds, such as toucans, that bring music to the jungle canopy. 

Some items you are advised to bring are bug repellent, sun block, and a cap. Also, the tour requires a lot of walking and climbing, so ensure that you bring along comfortable walking and climbing shoes as well. (Climbing the ruins is not mandatory).

Price includes

  • Transfers
  • Tikal Ruins entrance fee
  • Experienced Guide
  • Guatemala Border Crossing
  • Optional Flores Drop off